PRG Roofing & Construction Ltd

Semi Detached House & Loft Conversion build by PRG


This job was completed in December 2017. This job was a big project. It was a semi detached house that already had a loft conversion, however it was only in part of the roof space and the customer wanted the wasted roof space opened up to make a bigger bedroom , which would also include an en suite bathroom.

We initially removed the existing roof and timbers  and constructed a new roof and large dorma to rear of the property. We insulated between roof joists. In this property we installed Hawkins Staffs mixed brindle premium plain clay tile with dry verge and dry hip system.

We vertically tiled new dorma and installed upvc windows. We installed high performance 3 layer mineral felt system to flat roof area above dorma. On this job we also completed all internal finshes , carpentry,plumbing,electrics and plastering. From start to finish this job took us 4 weeks.